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EMGARD Synthetic Compressor Lubricants 32, 68, 100, and 150 are premium ester based synthetic fluids designed to satisfy the lubrication requirements of the majority of compressors in service today. EMGARD Synthetic Compressor Lubricants conform to the International Organization for Standardization Viscosity Classification System (ISO).

These fluids are formulated from premium quality ester basestocks combined with the latest developments in additive technology. This combination makes EMGARD Synthetic Compressor Lubricants superior in oxidation and thermal characteristics, and results in lubricant performance that provides the potential for extended drain intervals, reduced maintenance costs, reduced varnish, sludge and carbon deposits.

Other advantages of using EMGARD Synthetic Compressor Lubricants include reduced feed rates, less oil carry over and reduced vapour pressure.

The low vapour pressure exhibited by EMGARD Synthetic Compressor Lubricant 32 and 68 are designed for use in oil flooded rotary vane and screw type compressors.

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