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Qualisorb Gold Oil Absorbent...

The last absorbent you will ever need...that outperforms the competition!

Throw a handful of Qualisorb Gold onto the floor and say "good-bye" to dangerous spills. Qualisorb Gold starts working immediately, absorbing nearly its own weight in water or oil - like spreading a carpet of safety on your floor.

Observed under a microscope, these uniquely shaped diatomite granules look like tiny sponges. They're also light, like sponges. This spongelike quality makes Qualisorb Gold a powerful ally in handling your absorbent needs.

Although it's considered to be the industry's "deluxe" floor absorbent, Qualisorb Gold is very economical. Not only do you get more absorption for your money, you'll also save in labor costs because Qualisorb Gold can be applied quickly by hand or scoop.

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