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Odyssey XLD is Ultramarís premium diesel engine oil specifically designed for severe service requirements. Ultramar Odyssey XLD is engineered to provide optimum engine durability and protection against combustion and wear contaminants, excellent thermal stability, and excellent soot and deposit control capabilities required for maintaining engine cleanliness.

Ultramar Odyssey XLD is Ultramarís primary recommendation for heavy- duty diesel and mixed fleets in the trucking, construction, and resource sector applications for improved engine durability and longer engine life. It meets or exceeds the requirements of OEM's, such as Mack EO-M Plus, Cummins CES 20076, and Volvo VDS specifications, for engines designed to meet the 1999 emission requirements.

Ultramar Odyssey XLD exceeds the tougher performance standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API)CH-4 service classification, which addresses the oil requirements of modern, electronically controlled, low emission engines. Ultramar Odyssey XLD is formulated with exceptional, premium quality base stocks in combination with an optimal blend of the latest technology in dispersants, detergents, oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear, corrosion inhibitors viscosity improvers and defoaming dditives. This unique formulation provides outstanding protection in existing and new engines using low sulphur fuels.

Ultramar Odyssey XLD is unsurpassed in soot dispersancy, wear protection, and sludge control. This protects and guards against loss of engine life and helps reduce fuel and oil consumption, provide superior soot handling capabilities and extend the useful life of the oil.

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