Starplex 2...

Texaco Starplex greases are water resistant, extreme pressure, heavy duty chassis, wheel bearing and general purpose lubricating greases.

They are manufactured using highly refined, select high viscosity index base oils, and a lithium complex soap.

Texaco Starplex greases are available in two grades:
  • NLGI 1 for better pumpability at low ambient temperatures
  • NLGI 2 for use in normal ambient temperatures
Texaco Starplex greases deliver value through:
  • Good water resistance
  • Strong resistance to wash out of bearings
  • Good rust and corrosion protection, even in wet conditions
  • Extreme pressure protection
  • Protection against shock loading, thus extending bearing life
  • Outstanding film strength and adhesive properties
  • Good low temperature pumpability
  • Better handling in the container and grease dispensing equipment
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