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Ultra Hydraulik AW Oils are premium performance, long life, anti-wear hydraulic oils,designed for use in heavy-duty hydraulic systems. These oils give excellent results in a wide range of high-pressure hydraulic systems found in industrial machinery and mobile equipment used in marine, woodlands, construction and mining operations.


Hydraulic Systems - Ultra Hydraulik AW Oils are recommended for use in high-pressure hydraulic systems,which operate above 1,000 psi (7,000 kPa), under severe conditions. They provide an outstanding combination of characteristics that protect systems against wear, rust, and corrosion. They are designed to provide excellent system oil life without excessive deterioration due to oxidation. These oils also provide superior demulsibility, air separation, anti-foam properties,hydrolytic stability,thermal stability,and filterability qualities.They are not recommended for use in pumps utilizing silver plated components.

Circulating Systems - Ultra Hydraulik AW Oils can also be used in circulating systems where rust and oxidation-inhibited oils are desirable. They will provide excellent lubrication for bearings and gears operating under normal loads where extreme pressure capabilities are not required.

Machine Spindles - Ultra Hydraulik AW 10 is a low viscosity grade oil designed specifically for textile and machine tool high-speed spindle applications where anti-wear characteristics are not normally specified.

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