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Ultralube EP Lubricants are premium quality industrial oils which have been designed to provide long life performance,outstanding anti-wear and extreme pressure properties in industrial gears and bearings which operate under severe or intermittent shock loading conditions. Ultralube EP oils are available in a full line of viscosity ranges and meet the extreme pressure (EP)requirements of the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA).

Ultralube EP Multi-grade Oil is also available for applications which require a wide temperature range gear lubricant for year-round service.


Gear Drives - Ultralube EP Lubricants have been blended from premium quality base stocks and formulated with advanced additive technology to provide outstanding performance in the following gear drives operating under normal or shock loading conditions:
  • Internal Gears
  • Worm Gears
  • Bevel Gears
  • Helical Gears
  • Spur Gears
  • Rack and Pinion Gears
Ultralube EP Lubricants are recommended for plain or anti-friction bearings operating under heavy and/or shock loading conditions. In addition, Ultralube EP lubricants have been formulated with a mist control additive and they are recommended for oil mist lubrication systems.

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